About Us

We are a modern, compact, experienced, international team of founders, investors, managers and employees. All together we speak 10 languages and respect all cultures. We remember and thank all of you, around 100 creative people from different countries, who worked for us and helped in anaZana development since 2009. 

Through 18 years of experience in web project development we know how designers develop, marketers promote and businesses sell online. We transformed this knowledge to the solution — the Web Development and Client Account Management Platform for Website Wholesalers & Local Product Search Portal.

We value a balanced life, a place for material and spiritual, work and health, family and society. From the very first day of our company we allocated 4% of our turnover for charity to provide technology to Latvian schools, a website and mentorship for San Diego Hackathon.

​We have two dedicated offices in the US and Europe

however, we work and do business also from coffee stores, universities, airplanes, parks, home offices, beaches, libraries, hotels, trade shows and other places. 

We enjoy life while doing business and creating technologies
​that improve the quality of our being
, and expect our partners to do the same.

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anaZana Team

anaZana Team

anaZana Team

anaZana Team

anaZana Team

anaZana Team

anaZana Team