Why anaZana?

Technological development is mandatory to sell and deliver cross­-media advertising and marketing products to the SMBs, and the days are gone, where each provider of web presence and other digital services could afford to do such development themselves. Today companies rely on third-party providers supplying them with innovative solutions.

The anaZana platforms are state­-of-the-art solutions that are differentiated by

  • offering solutions where the partners work together to provide additional value to all our customers and users;
  • putting together platforms for service providers who have a significant number of business customers;
  • including in the platform-specific tools needed for client and service management;
  • customizing the platform to fit the individual needs of each of our partners.

The anaZana platform:

  • is specifically designed to help web service providers with a significant number of customers to generate multiple streams of additional revenue;
  • allows service providers to start offering a full set of web services to their clients rapidly with a very small additional investment;
  • provides all­-in­-one ready-made solutions;
  • allows fast and easy localization (language, subscription plans, pricing, SEO, CMS, etc.);
  • provides a high level of the customization for each partner’s specific needs (custom modules);
  • allows integration with our partner’s or third party software;
  • offers the Partner’s Client Account Management Platform with an access to client accounts and all their services from a single login; also allows a Partner’s client login to CMS on the Partner’s own domain;
  • is offered to a partner at a wholesale price allowing our partner to maximize their ongoing subscription incomes;
  • exclusively available only to our partners; not available to the general public;
  • always integrated under the partner's own brand and domain (white label).

The anaZana web solution is used by business directories, telecommunication and local search companies, marketing, advertising, web design, and other companies.

anaZana has PCI DSS Compliance Certificate.